Rayland Baxter is a gentleman, a singer of song, a teller of tale, a picker of strings, a thinker of things.  Born in the untamed hills of ??? , he tells a sotry unlike any other, a sotry that is true and full of unraveling emotion.  When not writing/playing/recording songs he loves to ride his dirtbike and tinker on engines at Ray Ray’s Bike Shop. – Set is Saturday (9/3)

Michal and Derek Smith started Pretty Lights and in 2004 started a project called Taking Up Your Precious Time that released in October 2005.  They took the Steely Dan approach and instead of selling albums they released them for free, knowing they would be ripped off the internet anyways.  They hoped the music would catch on and they could make money playing shows.  The two would send people who had listened to the album messages on Myspace to gain their opinion on the album.  They were not in this for money, but love! 

 A lost has happened since 2004…

Menert is still at it doing what he loves.  He has released 8 albums since 2010 and his latest one this past year called Diffused Light.  He is driving from Denver to play this set, and would love to see as much of you there at his set on Friday (9/2) night at the Late Night Stage. – Set is Friday (9/2)

Alex Medellin aka Late Night Radio is a Denver-based musician, producer, and pillar of the Colorado electronic music scene. His unique hybrid electronic sound is inspired by classic soul and third coast hip-hop, paying tribute to the sounds of the past while seamlessly ushering in the sounds of the future.

“The easiest way to describe my music is, ‘Electronic music for people who don’t really like electronic music’,” Alex explains. “There’s hip-hop bass and beats, which keep it relevant. However, I’m taking it into new territory.”

Barney Cortez continues his prolific output with the new LP, “Hullabaloo” on La Reserve Records (coming 8/19).  After five EPs since 2018, this is his first full-length album, and the wait was well worth it.  Cortez is a bit of a shapeshifter when it comes to songwriting, and Hullabaloo finds him drifting in and out of various eras while still retaining the melodic, hook-driven sound his fans have come to expect.  From the frantic title track to the lush and thoughtful psych rock of “Into The Void,” you can hear traces of 60s folk, early Bowie, grunge and even unabashed pop (“Protein”).  “Hullabaloo” was produced by Cortez and Shane Woods (Mo Lowda) at Headroom Studios (Alex G, Along, Dr. Dog) during the winter of 2021 and features ATO recording artist Rayland Baxter (“Shit River”).  One of the best guitarist alive! – Set is on Saturday (9/3)

From the streets to the stratosphere; Producing a Kind Generation is an Afro-Art-Rock quartet that rhythmically articulates the human experience with unapologetic transpearency.

Frontman Leon Smith, known simply as “Dre,” finds a home for his rich baritone vocal somewhere between Curtis Mayfield and Morrissey.  Meanwhile, lead guitarist Jewan “Pinky” Clay accompanies with sultry melodic lines; pully the bulk of his inspiration from R&B greats and the black church. 

They dynamic rhythm section, made up of Kym Williams and Aaron “Ace” Holmes, provides a unique bop to each tune; effectively exploiting elements from newarly every corner of pop culture.  Their rhythmic approach gives ‘Producing A Kind Generation’ an elusive familiarity.  It’s fresh- but makes you want to dance like something you’ve heard before. – Set is on Saturday (9/3)


Don’t give up, don’t ever give up…something Derik lives by.  He has been on the grind in Nashville, TN for the past 15 years and is still on the grind.  Once you see his set you will shocked he isn’t more well heard of.  You are in for a treat with this one… – Set is Friday (9/2)

I’m not ever gonna die,
I’m just gonna fantasize,

Plays in a band called Ritt Momney, but also has a solo career.  Independent artist now living in NYC.  Just released his latest album called “Night Drive”. – Set is Saturday (9/3)

I think collaboration is a wonderful thing, but I do definitely think that part of me that loves creating things wanted to experiment and see what it would be like to have a bunch of time and space to myself. – Set is Saturday (9/3)

We’re Hide Your Mamas, an instrumental Funk/Rock/Jazz fusion trio from Nashville, TN.

Tyler Boone – Bass – Zack Moscow – Keys – Jared Rauso – Drums

This set will guarantee get you off your feet! – Set is on Friday (9/2)


Fat Box plays a unique blend of Rock, Funk, Blues, and Jazz. They occasionally venture into the avant-garde but never lose sight of the groove. – Set is Friday (9/2)

From WV living in KY making the best friends and music of my life! Come visit and see for yourself!!

Theresa Gorella and Andrew Royal have contrasting writing styles that fuse to form Poster Child’s quirky, cameo based music.  Their sound gravitates around groove based riffs that fill the pockets between powerful vocal lines and lyrics. – Set is on Friday (9/2)


Known as “internet Dad” by his fans for his relatable songs and demeanor, Stephen Babcock is a pop singer songwriter hailing from Upstate New York.  After spending much of the last five years on the road performing with acts such as Canyon City, Girl Blue, Ed Sheeran, William Hinson, Izaak Opatz, and more, Stephen released his album, “Monroe” on October 1, 2021, receiving praise from PASTe, Atwood Magazine, Variance Mag, Thread, and others.  Currently, in 2022 Stephen is finishing work on his newest album, slated for fall 2022 release.  With consisitent growth across all platforms, it’s only a matter of time before word gets out on Stephen Babcock.  For fans of Holly Humbersone, Donovan Woods, Field Guide, Jordy Searcy—New single “Battle” is out now on Spotify.  – Set is on Friday (9/2)


Between living and dying while sorting out the difference.  One of the truest old souls, feel it in your bones, most heartlfelt artist I’ve ever met, and can thankfully call my brother!  Writes like Bob Dylan, John Prine, and many other great artist you or your parents grew up on.  Come see for yourself! – Set is on Saturday (9/3)

Was the best surprise ever at last years festival.  RYBURN tore the stage up for the final act on Saturday night.  One of the best guitarist alive most genuine guy there is.  When not playing for Rayland Baxter, Guitar teching for Brooks n Dunn, and living life Josh is working on his latest project called RYBURN which is his middle name.  Last year he had Nick Bockrath on bass and had artist such as Katie Schecter, Anthony Adams, Jenn Palmer, and many others join him on stage.  Was in a band called Sleeper Agent, and has played with Cage The Elephant many times, this guy needs no introduction in the music industry, but for the public just be ready for something you have never seen before!  Josh (RYBURN) is the Stevie Ray Vaughn of our time in my opinion.


Set is on Saturday (9/3)


A true mystery.

Astronomy Club is a 5-piece experimental rock outfit based out of Bowling Green, KY.  The group was created and founded in 2015 by lead singer and guitarist, Dylan Thomas Graves.  The group would release their self-titled EP the same year making their entrance into the sonic realm, citing influences from My Morning Jacket, Deerhunter, UMO and the like.

Following Dylan’s tragic passing in 2019, the band seeks to continue cultivating and expanding the creative spirit he left through his music and songwriting.  Centered around introspective notions of personal growth, nostalgia, and chapters of new leaves, their first LP “Technicolor Room” (2016), was formulated by Dylan himself.  The album envelopes the listener’s ear with its catchy hooks, euphoric guitar/synth tones, and groovy rhythm sections.

 The “Dingan Demos” EP was released in Spring 2021 as a commemorative effort by the group to restore Dylan’s original solo project. 

 Now with a wide array of influences in mind from dream-pop, krautrock, 70s rock, and shoegaze, the band has come together again to focus on writing new material. 

Dylan was in a band called Dan Luke and The Raid (lead guitarist, synthesizer, vocals).  Joined by J. Anthony Joiner (bass, piano, vocals) who is also in Astronomy Club.  With Kendrick Don-Reid Brent (drums, percussion, vocals). 

 Rest in Peace Dylan!!! You are missed everyday! – Set is on Saturday (9/3)

Just a band tryin to jam🦺

James was in a band called The Kingston Springs (guitar, keys, horn, banjo “utility man”) this was a band headed to the top and sadly things changed and they put an end to an era.  JAYGRACIAS aka James is ready to give you a set of complete magic, something he has been working on for some time now. – Set is on Saturday (9/3)

Sneaking their way into the scene during a global pandemic, Dirty John and Bubba have become household names in a lot of the venues & clubs around Louisville. Specializing in Open Format Dj sets, they have a gift in keeping the party going all night!